Who owns Rathmullan House?
Who owns Rathmullan House?

Where in Donegal is rathmullen?

Rathmullan (Irish: Ráth Maoláin, meaning & quot; ringfort & quot; Maoláin) is a small seaside village on the Fanad Peninsula in County Donegal, Ireland. It is located on the western shore of Swilly Lake, 11 km (7 miles) northeast of Ramelton and 12 km (7.5 miles) east of Milford.

Is Donegal in Northern Ireland or Ireland?

County Donegal Tyrconnell County Donegal / County Donegal Coontie Dunnygal / Coontie Dinnygal
Country Ireland
Province Ulster
Irish parliament Donegal
EU Parliament Midlands-Northwest

What length is Rathmullan beach?

Donegal Cottage Holiday Homepage Rathmullan is located on the western shore of Lough Swilly and is renowned for its spectacular 3km long sandy beach, with trees. The village has a large pier and marina which makes it very popular for water sports and fishing.

Is Rathmullan House open?

Is Rathmullan House open?

We are delighted to be reopening our doors on June 2nd. Contact us on 074 9158188 for availability and prices. 2nd Generation Family 60 Years in Business to run the business.

How far is rathmullan from Letterkenny?

How far is it from Rathmullan to Letterkenny? It is 20 km from Rathmullan to Letterkenny. It is about 23.4 km to drive.

How do I get from Letterkenny to Dunfanaghy?

The quickest way to get from Letterkenny to Dunfinny is by taxi which costs € 60 - € 75 and takes 29 minutes. Is there a direct bus between Letterkenny and Dunfanaghy? Yes, there is a direct bus departing from Letterkenny, Mr Chippy 's Chip Shop and arriving in Dunfanaghy.

How far is portsalon from Letterkenny?

Yes, the driving distance from Portsalon to Letterkenny is 35 km. It takes about 30 minutes drive from Portsalon to Letterkenny.

How many rooms are in Rathmullan House?

How many rooms are in Rathmullan House?

A total of 34 rooms - with the large bay window to the front, of course, the attractions are spacious, graceful and sea views to boot.

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