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TheBeachHouse is an Irish restaurant located on the popular Irish beach.

The restaurant is run by a top chef. Paul and David share a passion for Irish cuisine and a wealth of experience in the restaurant business. 

They have both worked for many years in similar establishments. They met and worked together for 3 years. 

They met in another Michelin starred restaurant where they worked together for 3 years. 

They are also very complementary. Paul worked in sales and marketing before moving into the restaurant business as a manager.  David has spent his entire career in the restaurant industry.His last job was as a kitchen manager.


TheBeachHouse is a 43-seat restaurant located in Ireland. 

The street is a busy street with 10 shops and 2 other restaurants.  The street is surrounded by office buildings attracting lunchtime traffic during the week, the street attracts evening and weekend traffic from families living in the surrounding area.

Products and Services

TheBeachHouse is a moderately priced French Irish restaurant.

The restaurant offers traditional cuisine:

Main dishes: entrecote, croque monsieur, blanquette de veau, Caesar salad, salade niçoise

Vegetables: fries or salad

Starters: eggs with mayonnaise, pâté, raw vegetable platter

Desserts: chocolate mousse, crème brulée, apple pie

The offer will also include: a lunch menu during the week (including a dish of the day that is not on the menu and a starter or desert) which should satisfy the desire for diversity and the budgetary constraints of the employees of the offices located near the restaurant; as well as a Sunday roti menu intended for the inhabitants of the district.

The average meal is estimated to last between 40 and 60 minutes.


Some Of Our Happy Customers
‘Best restaurant in the world. Have you ?
- Scott Smith
‘Delicious and Hot, Pizza Just for you.’
- Brad Brick
‘Freschetta. The fresh taste sensation.’
- Rita Mariya

The opening of a new restaurant is increasing day by day. The world of catering is developing through the multiplication of various establishments. As a result, each company is constantly innovating to distinguish itself from other restaurant companies in order to reach the maximum number of customers. However, opening a restaurant is not an easy task. Indeed, various parameters have to be respected before setting up a business, such as taking care of a strategic location and creating a unique and original project.

Optimising the choice of premises for a restaurant

The best premises are those with a good distribution of space between the kitchen, the dining room, the storage of products, the bar for the sale of drinks, the staff area, the customer area and the administrative area. The shop front should be attractive to entice people to enter and consume in the establishment. The terrace is also a good alternative to have a nice view of Paris. It is also an advantage for smoking customers, as it will allow them to smoke freely and enjoy a good moment of relaxation.

Study the location

Before you start looking for a location for your restaurant business on, you should bear in mind that having a better location to open a restaurant is essential. However, you just have to make sure that you choose a so-called strategic location to reach your target customers. So be smart to open your restaurant business in a location that is most frequented by your target customers. To do this, a market study can help you to determine the attractiveness of your location.

After that, all that remains is to make the restaurant visible and attractive by implementing a well-detailed project plan for the look and feel of the business. If there is a possibility to allow the restaurant to offer nearby amenities, this would also be a great advantage for the visibility of the business such as a car park, other businesses, a bank or a transport stop.